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All drugs and medication received at Wren Hall are recorded on receipt. They are stored securely and given in the correct dosage to the prescribed person. All unwanted drugs and medicines are disposed of by returning to the local pharmacy.

Where a Resident is assessed as being able and wishing to be responsible for self-medication of their own medicines, facilities will be made available. A lockable drawer is available for the secure storage of medicines within each resident's own room.

Drugs and medicines that are given to a Resident on a regular basis and in tablet form are dispensed by the pharmacy in Nomad cassettes. The cassettes contain a week's supply and are identified by a photograph of the person they are prescribed for, together with their name.

Uncontrolled drugs including Nomad cassettes currently in use, are stored in a secure wheeled medicine trolley, whilst controlled drugs are kept in a secure metal cabinet in a wall mounted cupboard. Keys for both secure containers are only available to registered nursing staff who are allowed to administer drugs and medicines.