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Our communal areas are all located on the ground floor. There are three lounges. The main lounge is adjacent to the dining room which is in the conservatory and overlooks the gardens at the front of the Home. A smaller lounge branches off from the main lounge and the third lounge is located at the opposite end of the Home.

There are nineteen single and eleven double rooms. Twelve of the single rooms and five of the double have en-suite facilities and there is a guest room available for those relatives who may wish to stay overnight. Those rooms without en-suite facilities are equipped with commodes and washbasins. In shared rooms, privacy between Residents is maintained by the use of diving curtains, which are adjustable.

Whether shared or single, your room is yours to feel comfortable and relaxed in. Please personalise your room with items precious to you, such as furniture, pictures and ornaments. We will be happy to assist you by fitting picture hooks, shelves etc.

All of the bedrooms are tastefully decorated and fitted with a nurse-call system, which, when pulled, will alert care staff that you require assistance. You may use the call system for whatever reason, for example to go to the toilet, to ask for a drink, to be helped in adjusting your position so that you are more comfortable and so on.

If you are unable to use a manually operated system, we have motion sensors that will summon assistance when activated.

With regard to furniture, the only restrictions are the size of the room and in the case of upholstered furniture it must be fire retardant to British Standard 1021. Our staff acknowledge that your room is private, and will knock before entering. You are able to use your room at any time. You may entertain family/friends and representatives in the privacy of your room

If you wish you may have your own key to your room so that you can lock your room on leaving it. A master key is kept by the Nurse in Charge should you lose your key.