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Doctor and Mrs V Kesari opened Wren Hall Nursing Home in November 1989, both having had considerable experience in the UK Health Service.

Dr Kesari retired as a GP in 2001 and Mrs Kesari is a Registered Nurse. Originally the Home had accommodation for thirty-three Family members. But within twelve months this was increased to thirty-five and in 1996 it was further extended with additional facilities to accommodate forty-one Family members.

The day to day operations are led by Anita Astle, who, as a Registered Nurse, works "hands on". Anita is the Manager and has had extensive senior management experience in a number of Nursing Homes locally. She is also the Nursing Advisor to the Nottinghamshire Care Homes Association having previously been its Secretary and Chairperson.

The Management values Family members and staff as individuals and is continually striving to introduce improvements to the benefit of all. In 1993 a decision was made to introduce a quality management system. In 1994 Wren Hall was assessed by the British Standards Institute and received accreditation of the Quality Standard ISO9002.

This was followed in 1999 with accreditation as an Investor in People. Wren Hall was reassessed against the Investor in People Standard in 2002 and 2005 and found to exceed the standard.

Our care system is continually under review to take into account new legislation, good practice advice from the Department of Health, information and advice from local authorities, and specialist/professional organisations. Internal quality audits are carried out by members of the nursing staff to verify that the Nursing Home's activities comply with the documented requirements of its Quality System, and British Standards Institute regularly visits to re-assess continued registration as a Quality Organisation.

Accounting and adequate financial systems are in place, a business plan is prepared annually. Wren Hall employs the services of a Chartered Accountant.

Insurance Cover for the nursing home is provided by Bollington Insurance, and the liability to cover all manner of claims is in excess of £500. Family members' belongings are insured through the Home's insurance but only to a value of £1000.

The safe-keeping of a Resident's money and valuables is the subject of a procedure in the Quality Management System.

All records relative to the control and operation of Wren Hall are kept in a secure manner and protected against damage, loss or deterioration. They are retained for the specific periods which are mandatory as set out in current statutory regulations governing nursing homes (including the Data Protection Act 1998).