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Privacy, dignity, choice and respect are the foundations of Wren Hall's philosophy of care and every member of staff is made aware of this during their induction.

Staff are instructed to give particular regard to a Resident's privacy, dignity and respect at times when interacting/assisting individuals such as when socialising with relatives or friends, on entering a Resident's room, when they are toileting or bathing and after death.

On admittance Family members are asked how they wish to be addressed and all staff and other Family members are informed of the new Resident's wishes.

Family members always wear their own clothes and the choice of which garments worn is theirs.

We recognise the importance of our assessment and care planning processes using a person centred approach, as described by Professor Tom Kitwood, rather than merely a ‘problem-focused’ approach or one that focuses merely on the daily necessities of life. We use a model of nursing based upon the ‘Activities of Living’ (Roper, Logan, Tierney 1982) when assessing a resident’s care needs.

We aim to enhance our assessments by being aware of each resident’s biography and identity. Such awareness is used to validate a resident’s sense of worth and demonstrate respect.

Wren Hall strives to create an enabling environment which assists in promoting a person centred approach to meeting care needs. Family members are encouraged to maintain control over their lives by expressing their individual need, choice and preference.

Appropriate assistance and support in fulfilling each resident’s care needs is given in a manner which always aims to ensure comfort and well being. Our staff are educated in the importance of the above and implement these principles throughout their interactions with Family members.

End of Life Care

Where a Resident requires total care, when rehabilitation and recovery are no longer achievable, care is given to ensuring the individual is free from any pain and discomfort. Their dignity is maintained and their needs and wishes and those of their relatives and friends are treated with propriety and are fulfilled. This enables those mourning to begin a healthy bereavement process.

Our staff have a wealth of experience in caring for those who are dying. We also have links with other agencies so that we can enhance your care through links with specialist agencies such as Macmillan Nurses.

The Kesari suite is for end days of life and their families. The person's bedroom is equipped with a double bed, ceiling hoist and ensuite. The family room has an ensuite, tea and coffee making facilities, microwave, fridge and comfortable sofa's.