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Wren Hall values the input of its Family members, their relatives/friends and staff in order to maintain a quality service.

On an annual basis questionnaires are given out to all three groups to comment on the service, facilities and operation. The results are correlated, an action plan devised/circulated and action points implemented/evaluated. All interested parties are issued with the results and these are also published in Wren Hall's magazine.

Resident meetings are held on a monthly basis. These are chaired by either Sharon, our activities coordinator or by Anita our Manager. The minutes of these meetings are printed in the monthly magazine. The agenda usually covers all aspects of the operation of Wren Hall and Family members are free to comment as they see fit. Suggestions made are usually implemented within a week of the meeting taking place. Relative's meetings are held three to six monthly to enable relatives to have a voice in the operation of Wren Hall.

Wren Hall has an active 'Friends of Wren Hall' committee made up of relatives and friends of our Family members. Although this committee's primary function is to fundraise for our Family members, it plays a significant part in raising suggestions to improve the quality of our resident's lives and the service provided by Wren Hall.

A suggestion box is situated in the reception area of Wren Hall. This is for anyone to use to make comment/suggestion about Wren Hall's service.